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Guilty Riches, the Garden Edition
Food Essay

Guilty Riches, the Garden Edition

It’s 9am on a late summer morning, and Leon and I are out in the backyard woefully examining our garden’s fecund bounty. “Hey, there,” a neighbor calls over the fence. “Want some figs?” We look at each other. We share two thoughts: fresh garden figs, how lovely! And: fresh garden figs, yet another perishable to … Continue reading



Another Roadside Attraction: Blackberries

The blackberry has long gotten a bad rap, and not just by frustrated gardeners seeking to eradicate the stuff. “Bramble” itself means “envy” in folklore. Blackberries typically denote remorse when used as metaphors in fiction. And just as in fiction—Aesop’s version, at least—the best berries inevitably hang at the farthest reach or are hidden beneath … Continue reading

Art Review

Art Sitings: “Bill by Bill” at Charlie James Gallery

New York City-based artist William Powhida constructs free-standing columns and paints them to represent sociological inequities in 21st century Western society. He  takes shiny reflective metal and turns it into a crazy geometric knee-high puzzle. He can also paint a death head skull and ensure it contains a fair representation of a vagina. Indeed he … Continue reading