The French Girl’s Vinaigrette
Food Essay / recipe

The French Girl’s Vinaigrette

A series of young French women moved through my grandmother’s house in the ’70s. They had American boyfriends who made them sad, they had yeast infections and abortions and STDs they couldn’t pronounce in English. They were lonely and young and lost in a large house on a hill with no way to town that … Continue reading



Another Roadside Attraction: Blackberries

The blackberry has long gotten a bad rap, and not just by frustrated gardeners seeking to eradicate the stuff. “Bramble” itself means “envy” in folklore. Blackberries typically denote remorse when used as metaphors in fiction. And just as in fiction—Aesop’s version, at least—the best berries inevitably hang at the farthest reach or are hidden beneath … Continue reading